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Making More of a Difference Than We Think

On a trip to New York several years ago, I toured the UN Headquarters. From Grand Central Station, I had to cover several city blocks. The site is somewhat isolated, as the Metropolitan Transportation Authority provides no subway, bus, or rail service there. That strenuous walk was well worth my time, because I learned how this organization truly makes a difference.

The Headquarters site, on the East River in lower midtown Manhattan, is not part of the United States. The four building complex sits on land donated by the Rockefeller family after the UN’s organization in 1945. Network news trucks parked outside represented modern day sentries. Many people entering lugged photography equipment. I detected many languages, and was amused at the uniform of the professional photographer: black skinny tee shirt and black greasy jeans. Each photographer looked as if he had been wearing the same clothes for several days. Continue reading Making More of a Difference Than We Think